A Balancing Act—Heels in the Workplace

This post is the first segment of a two-part post on women’s attire in the workplace. Some women love them; some hate them; and some choose to bear with them. But beyond personal preference, heels have become a common and often an expected part of a woman’s professional attire. This was not necessarily true even […]

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Women and minority executives are penalized for valuing diversity

A new study from the University of Colorado-Boulder found that women and minority corporate executives who hired and promoted other women and minorities received lower performance ratings than their white male colleagues. This penalization perpetuates the glass ceiling that women and minorities struggle to shatter. The study provides one explanation for the observation that women […]

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Gendered Social Norms and Access to New Technologies

Google’s 2013 public release of the wearable technology Google Glass has added another dimension to the way we, as humans, use and integrate technology into our everyday lives.  “The Glass” is part of a new line of immersive technologies that seamlessly integrates with its wearers’ experiences of the world.  For example, instead of having to […]

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Lawyering While Pregnant

I’m writing this from my office, high above a large city in the northeast, where I’m sitting, hopped up on a variety of medications designed to combat the violent nausea and sometimes blinding headaches that come, for me, with being almost ten weeks pregnant. At the moment, the meds are working ok, as they do […]

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Study Links Views on Female Economic Dependence and Disapproval of Female Sexuality

The term “barefoot and pregnant” is a figure of speech that generally refers to the idea that a woman’s place is in the home.  In other words, a “traditional” woman should not be working outside the home and should not be freely accessing contraception.  A recent study confirms a link between those two “traditional” notions. […]

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Will Activists Take to Corporate Campaigning in the Wake of Hobby Lobby?

As women’s rights activists chart a new course in the wake of the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision, will they increasingly take the feminist fight directly to corporations with weak records on gender equality? In the wake of last week’s ruling, pockets of activists have taken to social media and mounted protests at locations of […]

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“Non-Traditional” Glass Ceilings

“I love my trade very much. I love watching nothing become something.” — Mary Battle, quoted in “Women in Construction: Still Breaking Ground.” Sometimes there are glass ceilings so far from our field of focus that we fail to see them at all.  A report published by the National Women’s Law Center last month analyzes […]

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