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Lizzy Gropman is a former contributor to Shattering the Ceiling.

Tech Needs An Intervention: Stopping Systematic Gender Bias, Part 2

As I noted last week, it’s time for the tech industry to acknowledge its systemic bias against women.  Once that happens, the industry will be much more likely to do something about the problem.  Tech has proudly “disrupted” the status quo for how we buy books, make payments, hail cabs, use phones, play Scrabble, and […]

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Tech Needs An Intervention: Stopping Systematic Gender Bias, Part 1

Women are underrepresented in tech. The numbers of women in technical jobs at major tech companies speak for themselves: Twitter: 10 percent; Yahoo!: 15 percent; Facebook: 15 percent; Google: 17 percent; Microsoft:17 percent; Apple: 20 percent; Pinterest: 21 percent; and eBay: 24 percent. The problem is also apparent in compensation – a recent study found that […]

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“America’s Highest-Paid Female CEO Used to be a Man:” Martine Rothblatt and Gender Nonconformity in the Workplace

The current New York Magazine cover story – “The Trans-Everything CEO” – profiles Martine Rothblatt, the highest paid female CEO in America. It paints a fascinating picture worthy of its “futurist, pharma tycoon, satellite entrepreneur, philosopher” subject. There are a million interesting things about the 59-year-old Rothblatt: the three companies she founded (Geostar, Sirius Satellite […]

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Recent EEOC Guidance Clarifies Federal Protections for Pregnant Workers

Most people would probably agree that an employee who requests “light duty” while eight-months pregnant should be entitled to that slight accommodation.  “Light duty” generally refers to work that is physically less demanding than the employee’s normal job duties; for example, “light duty” could mean not pushing or lifting over 20 pounds during a certain […]

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Study Links Views on Female Economic Dependence and Disapproval of Female Sexuality

The term “barefoot and pregnant” is a figure of speech that generally refers to the idea that a woman’s place is in the home.  In other words, a “traditional” woman should not be working outside the home and should not be freely accessing contraception.  A recent study confirms a link between those two “traditional” notions. […]

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