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Inayat Hemani represents whistleblowers who come forward to reveal fraud against federal and state governments in the N.Y. office of Sanford Heisler, LLP.  Inayat is adept at many unexpectedly handy things like eating delicious Ethiopian dinners while being armed only with his hands and inerja or marshaling the stamina to binge watch all five seasons of "Breaking Bad" in only two weeks (that’s an average of 2.5 seasons each week)!   

An Unfair Workplace Takes Its Toll in Surprising Ways

It has been known for some time that women suffer from higher rates of depression and anxiety than men. Recently, many news outlets reported on a study that shows that these higher rates are correlated with the pay gap. While women who had similar income to male counterparts had a similar risk of depression and […]

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U.N. Group Finds that the United States Lags in Gender Equality

The Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) is an international treaty adopted by the United States and ratified by almost every country in the world. If you have not heard of it, that may be because the United States is only one of seven countries that has failed to […]

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Cities fail to provide parental leave

Last Mother’s Day, John Oliver noted the inconsistency between companies that market to customers based on the holiday but fail to offer their employees paid maternity leave. While continued efforts are needed to require companies to offer paid maternity leave, more attention needs to be paid to the leave policies of American cities. Many city […]

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Fight for $15 Brings Fast Food Workers Closer to a Living Wage

My colleague Jennifer Siegel wrote about the Fast Food Forward, or Fight for $15, campaign a few months ago. The campaign calls for fast food restaurants to raise their employees’ wages to $15 an hour. At the time, Jennifer noted some of victories the movement had achieved in the form of state legislation raising minimum […]

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Shrinking Workers’ Compensation Excludes Women

At Shattering the Ceiling we cover many of the hurdles that women face in the workplace. In addition to on-the-job issues, women can face discrimination in how they are treated following a workplace injury. According to recent news reports, Californian women who apply for workers’ compensation following an injury on the job receive lower compensation […]

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After a decade of lobbying, recognition

This week, the New York Times had a fascinating story on the University of Vermont, which has decided to recognize students who do not identify as males or females by a third gender: “Neutral.” The change is the result of a decade of lobbying and internal discussions about how best to include different members of […]

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