Bernie Bros, Clinton Foes and the Supremes

If it wasn’t clear from my prior posts on this, I’ll make it clear now: #ImWithHer.  With that out of the way… Discussions surrounding a particular question have been circulating on my social media feeds and at my office: should Bernie drop out?  As someone who is closely aligned ideologically with Bernie (and with Hillary […]

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Gender Bias in Job Postings

What do the words “ninja,” “rock star,” and “badass” have in common? It turns out that these words, when listed in job descriptions, are major deterrents for women job seekers.  Social science research has called attention to the role of job descriptions in perpetuating gender inequality.  For example, a 2011 study entitled “Evidence That Gendered […]

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Combating Implicit Bias

Last year, Google unveiled a new initiative to combat implicit bias in the workplace. The initiative has garnered widespread interest in the wake of recent disclosures by several leading tech companies, including Google, regarding the diversity (or lack thereof) of their workforces—a problem my colleague Lizzy Gropman discussed last week. The concept of implicit or […]

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#likeagirl #likeaboss

The new Always commercial that’s garnered a lot of internet attention over the past week does an important thing—it successfully highlights how thoughtless gender stereotypes can be.  The ad and the Like a Girl campaign are part of an effort “to make sure that girls everywhere keep their confidence throughout puberty and beyond.”  (And yes, […]

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Unprotected: A Quick Guide to Your (Lack Of) Rights

I didn’t plan our launch this way at all. Originally, I planned to talk about how today is the fiftieth anniversary of the signing of Title VII. I wanted to write about how incredibly important Title VII has been to this country. I wanted to write about what it meant to have laws on the […]

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