Q&A with Julie Vogtman

I met Julie Vogtman when we were both summer associates at a DC law firm, and I was thrilled to reconnect with her recently at a Dupont Circle Starbucks.  After chatting about our holidays and seeing pictures of her adorable 10-month-old daughter, we talked about the great work that she and others are doing at […]

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Q&A with Altomease Kennedy: “To do as well, you must do better”

Altomease “Al” Kennedy is a trailblazer who wears many caps.  Al is a partner at Sanford Heisler Kimpel and practices qui tam law, representing employees who blow the whistle on companies that are cheating and stealing from the government.  Al has worked full-time as an attorney for forty years, while raising two children with her […]

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Forced Arbitration Q&A with Roberta Steele

As I’ve noted previously on this blog, it is important for workers to understand how forced arbitration—a seemingly innocuous procedural issue—undermines their civil rights. Earlier this week I talked with Roberta Steele, Program Director at the National Employment Lawyers Association.  Roberta’s work focuses on issues that prevent workers from having full and equal access to […]

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Why #MightyKacy Matters to Working Women

If you haven’t seen it yet, you should.  I’m talking about a clip from American Ninja Warrior.  And this clip matters, not just to those of us who might treat shows like this as a guilty pleasure.  Because Kacy Catanzaro, and the incredible physical feat she accomplishes, matters. She’s tiny.  Physically tiny.  Five feet tall.  […]

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