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Marissa Abraham is a former contributor to Shattering the Ceiling.

“Rabbit Rabbit”

It is a British superstition to repeat the word “rabbit” on the first day of each month when you awake in the morning.  Repeating this phrase brings the promise of good luck for the month.  I would like to say “rabbit rabbit” to October in the hopes that it will bring good luck and progress […]

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America’s Navy Leading the Government’s Maternity Leave Policy

July 2015 marked a new era in Maternity Leave Policies for women in the Navy.  Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus announced that, effective immediately, women who serve in the Navy and Marine Corps will have eighteen weeks of maternity leave available to use during the first year of their child’s life.  The purpose of […]

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“Mad Men” Values Return to Austin City Council

The good news: This summer, women took a majority of seats on the Austin City Council for the first time ever.  The bad news: The City felt the need to “prepare” staff to work with women by putting on a training conducted by tone deaf speakers propounding culturally incompetent and antiquated gender stereotypes. Assistant City […]

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InHerSight: Holding Companies Accountable

Do you remember  If you attended a college or university in the 21st century in the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom, it was likely an invaluable tool for selecting your classes.  The site provided a 1-5 scale in categories such as easiness; helpfulness; clarity; the degree of textbook use; and the less […]

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Virginity Tests for Civil Service Applicants in Indonesia

When applying for a job as a police officer, you might expect to have to meet certain educational, physical, and mental health requirements.  But what if I told you that in Indonesia, you can be rejected for a civil service job because you are not a virgin?  Or because you are married?  And what if […]

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The “Men can lactate, too” Defense

Angela Ames, a Nationwide Insurance worker in Iowa, returned to work in July 2010, after her eight-week maternity leave, and found that she had no place to pump breast milk.  She was told that there was a three-day waiting period to process her paperwork in order to use the lactation room and was given the […]

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Q&A with Altomease Kennedy: “To do as well, you must do better”

Altomease “Al” Kennedy is a trailblazer who wears many caps.  Al is a partner at Sanford Heisler Kimpel and practices qui tam law, representing employees who blow the whistle on companies that are cheating and stealing from the government.  Al has worked full-time as an attorney for forty years, while raising two children with her […]

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From One Working Woman to Another

“I want us all to fulfill our greatest potential.  To find our calling, and summon the courage to live it.” Oprah. When most people think of Oprah, they think of her as an African-American talk show host, actress, producer, billionaire, and philanthropist.  What people don’t know is that she was born in rural Mississippi to […]

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