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Xinying Valerian, of the SF office of Sanford Heisler, LLP , brings to bear her formidable talents on behalf of employees facing wage theft and discrimination.  Whenever she is not tirelessly battling to protect her clients’ interests, Xinying is making her own homemade ramen noodle soup concoctions in the office multi-cooker and doting over Spotacus (her 12 lb. mini-dachshund) and Mega-Weiner (her 35lb. rottie- dachshund mix).

Gossiping About Coworker Pay: Employee Rights At Stake

I have been psychologically conditioned by American culture to feel that open discussion about salaries is deeply uncomfortable, as if it involved baring your personal finances. I have earned money ever since I was 9 years old, working as a mommy’s helper for neighbors, to supplement my small weekly allowance. And I learned very early […]

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ShowMe50: A Female Executive in Corporate America On a Mission

Grassroots efforts to provide outlets for gender bias concerns have taken various forms, such as the new workplace-rating website InHerSight that Marissa recently blogged about, and the more established online group MomsRising.  Recently, I met a woman – herself a senior manager in a large corporation – who is advocating an approach that might appeal […]

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