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Matt Schmid is a former contributor to Shattering the Ceiling.

On Parenting and Careers

I took three weeks of paid paternity leave to be home with my wife and my second son when he was born 17 months ago.  The law firm I work for offered me more paid time off, but I did not take it because I thought doing so would make my attempt to balance family […]

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The Choice Between Working and Being Pregnant: Yes.

Working while pregnant is hard. If you don’t believe me (and why should you?), read this.  If you’re a man, read it again, because, holy crap.  And keep in mind that the pregnant lawyer/blogger describes (1) a pregnancy that is “normal” (which is to say, one that does not leave her disabled in the eyes […]

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Navy Submarine Force Moves Closer Towards Gender Equity

Slowly, quietly, the Navy’s silent service is becoming a gender-equal community. During the week of June 14, 2014, the Navy submitted to Congress its plan to integrate enlisted women into the submarine force – often referred to as the “silent service.”  The plan represents the next important step in a long-overdue transition, and it will […]

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Shattering The Brass Ceiling

Last week, a brass ceiling was shattered.  For the first time in its 238-year history, the United States Navy promoted a woman to the rank of four-star admiral, the service’s highest rank.  Admiral Michelle J. Howard is now Vice Chief of Naval Operations, making her the second highest-ranking officer in the Navy. Hopefully, the significance […]

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