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Lauren Hartz is an attorney who cares deeply about women's rights and about social justice causes. She also cares deeply about dachshunds.

Celebrating Equal Pay Day

With Tax Day looming, it’s easy to overlook another important mid-April date: Equal Pay Day.  Today marks the twentieth time Americans will celebrate Equal Pay Day, which was originated by the National Committee on Equal Pay as a date to raise awareness about the gender wage gap.  The date falls in April because it symbolizes […]

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Can We Close the Gender Wage Gap This Century?

Have you heard of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research?  Maybe you haven’t, but I wager you’re familiar with its work.  IWPR is a leading think tank on the intersection of public policy and gender, perhaps best known for tracking the gender wage gap in our country. According to IWPR’s research, female full-time workers made […]

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What Lies Beyond the Glass Ceiling?

Last week, the New York Times asked a provocative question: Do activist investors target female CEOs?  Its article by that name considered whether the increased scrutiny that female CEOs attract, from stakeholders inside and outside the organizations they lead, can be attributed to their gender.  The article gestured at a phenomenon receiving significant attention in […]

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What’s in a Name?

I work at a law firm that did something extraordinary last month: it added a woman’s name to the door. When the firm announced this name change, I immediately recognized its significance for the female name partner.  This distinction would raise her profile and signal to those outside the firm what those of us inside […]

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Stepping Out of the Shadows

Last month, my colleague David Tracey discussed some of the benefits of President Obama’s recent executive action on immigration.  He explored how the executive action might help address the challenges confronted by undocumented farmworkers.  As David explained, undocumented female farmworkers are vulnerable to discrimination, harassment, and violence at the hands of male supervisors who count […]

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Latest Sexual Harassment Revelations a Bitter Pill for Yale School of Medicine

On Saturday, The New York Times broke a story about sexual harassment at the prestigious Yale School of Medicine.  The information brought to light by NYT is shocking and troubling on two fronts. First is the nature of the allegations.  According to NYT, the former Head of Cardiology at YSOM inappropriately pursued a junior researcher […]

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Leveling the Playing Field, Literally

When we talk about the gender discrimination that our clients face in the workplace, we often talk in terms of leveling the playing field for women: We’re not asking employers to treat female employees better than they treat men, but we do demand – and the law requires – that they treat them equally. This […]

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Women and Law School Revisited

Earlier this month, Jeremy Heisler brought attention to recent publications examining the experiences of women in law school today.  Jeremy’s post prompts important questions about women and legal education: Is the experience of women in law school worthy of study?   What does the latest research tell us about that experience?  And how can we ensure […]

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