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#MeToo, Cultural Shifts on Sexual Harassment & Employers

When Tarana Burke founded the #MeToo Movement in 2006, she wasn’t looking to start a viral campaign; she was looking for lasting and radical change.  As she explained to Ebony last fall: “It wasn’t built to be a viral campaign or a hashtag that is here today and forgotten tomorrow. . . It was a […]

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It Is Time For Men To Own Their #MeToo Complicity

If you were on social media in the last few days and are connected to any women, the #metoo and related campaign was likely a ubiquitous presence in your feed.  For those of you who missed it, “me too” responded to the following prompt: “If all the women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted […]

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9/11, Charlottesville, and Children: A Why-To Guide to Teachable Moments

On September 11, 2001, I was teaching fourth grade in Washington DC.  When we got notice of the first hit, I was in the middle of a lesson on phonics and root words.  One of the school’s administrators stepped into the room, approached me closely, and whispered a question to me about whether I knew […]

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