Racism and the Workplace: Ten Things Every Concerned And Conscientious Employer Should Be Doing Right Now

This post on racism and the workplace is provided by Ramona Strategies, a management consulting firm that is committed to building happier, more productive, more inclusive teams. America is in a state of distress right now.  Everyone knows that.  In the past few days, we at Ramona Strategies have been spending time with current and former […]

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Making Women’s History Now — Cultural Diplomacy and Gender in the International Music World

In honor of Women’s History Month, Shattering the Ceiling is going to be profiling a series of women who we believe are making women’s history now.  These are the women who we want our daughters, sisters, nieces (and selves) knowing about and being inspired by.  And we imagine that when future generations are celebrating Women’s History, […]

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