Last Minute Conversations About Hillary — Reaching the Unconvinced

Last week, I spent a few days knocking on doors back in my hometown of Kenosha, Wisconsin.  I was telling people about their early voting options and, where possible, engaging them in discussions about why I support Hillary Clinton for President (and Russ Feingold for WI Senate).  I was particularly surprised by the number of […]

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When Gender Protects The Underqualified

About a year ago, Hillary Clinton showed her chops during the eleven-hour farce more commonly known as the Benghazi hearing. I wrote about the heightened scrutiny that women, including Hillary, face. I also wrote that, when listening to Hillary in the final hours of that day, I heard poise. I heard patience. I heard graciousness […]

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Q&A with Anna Rappaport

I was happy to meet and talk with Anna Rappaport at a happy hour in the fall about her work as a career coach.  I had not worked with a coach before and was curious, as a few of my friends had great things to say about their experiences.  I also thought I could improve […]

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