Surviving New Years Resolutions: On Body Image, Diets and Feminism

Over the New Years weekend, I was lucky enough to spend time away with a group of women who are out there in the world kicking the proverbial asses with gusto.  As might be expected, talk turned to resolutions and plans for the year on more than one occasion.  As might further be expected, that […]

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Mad Men: A Very Unfeminist Ending

Spoiler alerts Fans seem to be all over the map on the Mad Men series finale. When I watched it, I was candidly a little disappointed. But reflecting on it, I think that some of that disappointment speaks to the real world. In other words, Matthew Weiner, the show’s creator, seems to have captured the […]

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What’s New York Fashion Week got to do with empowerment?

Last week saw the close of New York Fashion Week, a magical time when Manhattanites come together with global taste-makers to encourage women of all stripes to display their inner beauty and outer style.  Sort of.  As much as NYFW is a salute to New York’s diverse population and global mindset, it also pays homage […]

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What’s most shocking about the new Sarah Silverman ad?

Last week, with the help of Sarah Silverman’s unique brand of irreverent humor, we were introduced to the Equal Payback Project.  The goal of the project is, through a crowdfunding campaign, to raise awareness that more than 50 years since the passing of the Equal Pay Act the average American woman is still making only […]

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#likeagirl #likeaboss

The new Always commercial that’s garnered a lot of internet attention over the past week does an important thing—it successfully highlights how thoughtless gender stereotypes can be.  The ad and the Like a Girl campaign are part of an effort “to make sure that girls everywhere keep their confidence throughout puberty and beyond.”  (And yes, […]

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