Trump’s Sex (Discrimination) Scandals part two: “Sexy” More Important Than Merit in California

Discrimination lawsuits don’t just teach us Trump is #sexist. They also teach us he doesn’t know how to manage a company, let alone a country.

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Trump’s Disregard for Antidiscrimination Laws Goes Back Decades

Q.  What do the DOJ, Sen. McCarthy, and multiple NY civil rights organizations have in common? A.  Why, Donald Trump, of course. Anyone who has paid attention to this election won’t be surprised to learn that Donald Trump has been sued more than once for discrimination.  But what may surprise is that the first lawsuit he […]

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Employers Should Absorb The Cost of Tampons

Most often I’d tuck it up the sleeve of my cardigan, turning my wrist in so it wouldn’t slip out.  If I needed free hands, I’d hide it in my waistband.  Dresses posed more of a problem. With no pockets and no long sleeves, I’d have to get creative.  Worst case, it meant taking my whole, […]

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Judge Merrick Garland and Class Actions: What Will Happen?

The recent big news in lawyer land is the nomination of Chief Judge Merrick Garland of the US Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit to replace Justice Scalia. He is, by all appearances, eminently qualified, a model public servant, and at least a tad (I say in jest) to the left of the late […]

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Independent Contractors, Uber, and Employees

On September 1, a federal judge certified a class action brought by three Uber drivers who asserted that they are employees and not, as the company had argued, independent contractors.   If the court’s decision it holds, it could be a big deal.  This employee vs. contractor determination may sound like arcane law speak, but […]

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For the Children

Often employers seek to portray the employee who files a discrimination claim as self- interested, pursuing the claim out of spite or greed.  We, who do this work, know that righting discrimination is a socially-valuable undertaking because a more diverse workplace benefits employees, clients, consumers, and the business itself.  But remedying employment discrimination also has […]

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What’s most shocking about the new Sarah Silverman ad?

Last week, with the help of Sarah Silverman’s unique brand of irreverent humor, we were introduced to the Equal Payback Project.  The goal of the project is, through a crowdfunding campaign, to raise awareness that more than 50 years since the passing of the Equal Pay Act the average American woman is still making only […]

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Forced Arbitration Q&A with Roberta Steele

As I’ve noted previously on this blog, it is important for workers to understand how forced arbitration—a seemingly innocuous procedural issue—undermines their civil rights. Earlier this week I talked with Roberta Steele, Program Director at the National Employment Lawyers Association.  Roberta’s work focuses on issues that prevent workers from having full and equal access to […]

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