Trump’s Sex (Discrimination) Scandals part two: “Sexy” More Important Than Merit in California

Discrimination lawsuits don’t just teach us Trump is #sexist. They also teach us he doesn’t know how to manage a company, let alone a country.

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Ageism and “The Clouds of Sils Maria”

I saw a great film recently called “The Clouds of Sils Maria” that features a superb female cast. (Warning: Spoilers Ahead!) The film is rich and complicated, and features multiple parallels between the relationships of the characters, both real and fictional. One theme that really stood out to me was the film’s treatment of older […]

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Unprotected: A Quick Guide to Your (Lack Of) Rights

I didn’t plan our launch this way at all. Originally, I planned to talk about how today is the fiftieth anniversary of the signing of Title VII. I wanted to write about how incredibly important Title VII has been to this country. I wanted to write about what it meant to have laws on the […]

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