Racism and the Workplace: Ten Things Every Concerned And Conscientious Employer Should Be Doing Right Now

This post on racism and the workplace is provided by Ramona Strategies, a management consulting firm that is committed to building happier, more productive, more inclusive teams. America is in a state of distress right now.  Everyone knows that.  In the past few days, we at Ramona Strategies have been spending time with current and former […]

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How Fox Lost Megyn Kelly: Gendered Hostility and Retaliation

Yesterday, news broke that reporter and anchor Megyn Kelly was leaving Fox News to move to NBC. Now, Fox is left without a big-name, female, prime-time anchor, and without anyone who has any history of being willing to stand up to Trump.  This is politically notable for obvious reasons, but it also has implications for […]

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Happy Holidays: Invasive Invitations

With the holiday season fast approaching, employees everywhere are gathering for the bizarre ritual of the office holiday party.  Cue the obligatory ugly sweaters, sickeningly sweet punch, and alcoholic excess.  More than a few websites discuss the legal hazards of this latter:  Alcohol enables harmful behavior from sexual harassment to intoxicated driving. But beyond these […]

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What I Wish I’d Known Earlier About Building a Career

The fall season represents new beginnings.  For many graduate students, the fall season also marks the time when “on campus recruiting” or other events force a focus on what job the student is going to go to after graduation.  These events require eager students to identify the specific type of work they want to do, […]

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