Lady Lawyer Lessons*: Doesn’t Everyone Assume I Want to be Promoted?

Women have to be more vocal about wanting promotions. It isn’t fair (or legal), but for now it’s also true.

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Lady Lawyer Lessons*: Is the Discipline Discriminatory?

Many of my friends and colleagues initially responded to the story of a group of armed men taking control of an outpost on federally protected lands with a cross between disbelief and humor.  Talk of “YallQaeda” and “VanillaIsis” abounded. But beyond the humor, there was also a more sobering discussion – the fact that if […]

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Lady Lawyer Lessons*: #LeanIn #LeanOut : The Hokey Pokey Pay Game

Recently, many of my clients and friends have been discussing problems and questions surrounding negotiating their pay.  One observed that, after negotiating her starting pay with her employer, her supervisor branded her as a trouble-maker – a reputation that, when she asked for a raise two years later, led to them (wrongfully) terminating her.  Along […]

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Lady Lawyer Lessons*: When the Misogynist Isn’t a Man

For some entries, Lady Lawyer Lessons will respond to questions from the readership.  Questions submitted will be presented in a way that protects the anonymity of the questioner to the extent possible. Q.  Hey Lady Lawyer!  I’m having some problems at work with one of my supervisors that feels a lot like gender discrimination.  My […]

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Lady Lawyer Lessons*: Taking a Stand

Lately, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about what it means to take a stand in the workplace.  Perhaps it was the hubbub around the threat to retaliate against Emma Watson that got me thinking about it.  Perhaps it was hearing my client Donna Kassman talk about why she chose to come forward and file […]

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Lady Lawyer Lessons*: Selling Yourself (in the good way)

In the early 1900s, a U.S. industrialist named Henry Kaiser was making money left and right and amassing an incredible amount of success and wealth while also securing a reputation as being relatively friendly to workers and labor interests.  One quote attributed to him is the comment, “when you’re work speaks for itself, don’t interrupt.” […]

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Lady Lawyer Lessons*: Recording Regrets

A performance review.  An unexpected meeting called by Human Resources.  A conversation where you’ll be requesting a raise or a promotion.  A discussion where you report a colleague who has been saying inappropriate things. It’s understandable why a smart employee – particularly in our technologically-dependent world – would think it was a great idea to […]

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