About This Blog

Shattering the Ceiling is a feminist blog about the obstacles that stand between us and a fair and equitable society, and about the ways we can work together to conquer those challenges.  We see more and more women — regardless of age, race, religion or sexual orientation — slamming into glass ceilings that seem to be nearly (but not entirely) shatterproof.  And we understand that you can’t talk about advancing the interests of women without taking on racism, because we won’t truly shatter ceilings until they are shattered for everyone.

We think women and men should both have a fair shot to work hard, prove themselves in the workplace, and advance and succeed without being subjected to harassment or hostility.  We think that the quality and accessibility of healthcare and the right to determine what healthy choices look like in our individual lives shouldn’t differ based on our gender.  We think that the ways in which women and girls are represented in media and popular culture matter to our own health and to the health of our communities.  We think that educational opportunities and environments shouldn’t turn on which bathroom we use, how we dress, whether we get periods, or who we love.

Our content comes from a range of people who work on these issues for a living, with most of the regular content coming from Kate.  Some of the contributors are lawyers, but we aren’t writing here to give legal advice; we’re writing as people who want to contribute to the online conversation about issues that are deeply important to us.

As we look around us, we can’t help but feel how far we, as a community, are from where we need to be. This gap between the American promise and the American reality makes us crazy.  We hope what we have to contribute helps, educates, empowers and inspires.

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