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Kate Kimpel is the Senior Editor of Shattering the Ceiling and is also an accomplished civil rights lawyer. She represents women and people of color in discrimination cases (and other kinds of employment and civil rights matters).  When not lawyering, she likely is bragging about her hound dog Ulysses, inventing cocktails to serve at her next dinner party, or convincing her husband to watch reruns of a Joss Whedon television show (any of them will do). 

Climate Change, Environmental Justice and Feminism

Yesterday, the amazing Maya Sequeira (who will resume her blogging activities in just a few weeks) and I went for a mid-day walk here in DC.  We didn’t wear coats.  Why not?  Because it was over 70 degrees on a day when the historical average temperature is in the 40’s.  One could view this as […]

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Betsy DeVos, Public Education and the American Dream

Yesterday, I published an extensive look at Betsy DeVos, her background, and the host of potential problems that come should she be confirmed as the next Secretary of Education.  I realized, however, that there wasn’t the context to evaluate DeVos against any norms or to think about why we, as feminists and Americans, should place a particular […]

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Everything you need to know about Education Nominee Betsy DeVos

Things are heating up around Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos.  Republicans had slated her confirmation hearing to take place on Wednesday, but agreed to postpone it until January 17.  Leaders pushed the hearing due to concerns raised by Democrats that DeVos had not yet supplied information regarding potential conflicts of interest to the bipartisan Office […]

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Mobilizing and Marching: the Women’s March on Washington

When I was home in Wisconsin over the holidays, I was surprised to find how many of my relatives didn’t know about the Women’s March on Washington.  Some had vague ideas of what it was, but others had completely blank faces when I brought it up.  And when I offered words of encouragement that they should […]

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How Fox Lost Megyn Kelly: Gendered Hostility and Retaliation

Yesterday, news broke that reporter and anchor Megyn Kelly was leaving Fox News to move to NBC. Now, Fox is left without a big-name, female, prime-time anchor, and without anyone who has any history of being willing to stand up to Trump.  This is politically notable for obvious reasons, but it also has implications for […]

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Surviving New Years Resolutions: On Body Image, Diets and Feminism

Over the New Years weekend, I was lucky enough to spend time away with a group of women who are out there in the world kicking the proverbial asses with gusto.  As might be expected, talk turned to resolutions and plans for the year on more than one occasion.  As might further be expected, that […]

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Getting Ready for 2017 Feminist Style

2016 has been a doozy.  As countless memes* commemorate, many of us ended up feeling far more beleaguered than we imagined possible.  And it wasn’t just the election.  It has also been the horrifying and heartbreaking international news, the mounds of famous/inspirational people deaths, and the never-ending stream of hate crimes and police brutality suffered by […]

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Aleppo’s Crisis Is Our Crisis: Why We Must Understand and Act

The news from Aleppo has been horrifying for far too long.  And now, we are confronted with what may be the final moments.  Not a detente, but instead the total extermination of the men, women and children — the families and the rebels, the doctors and the holdouts — who are still there.  We must […]

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Because my Great Great Grandmother, Gorina Stensby Wheeler, saw her husband trade her daughter into marriage in exchange for livestock. Because Gorina had the courage to leave that husband, move to a new state, and set up a new life for her and her remaining children — all at a time when women Did. Not. Do. Those. Things. Because Gorina […]

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Women’s Health Care Costs: Paying More Now and Paying More Later

It has been a one-two punch in the world of news on women’s health care costs.  Recent reports detail (1) how women can expect to pay more than men in the very near future if Trump fulfills his promises regarding repealing Obamacare; and (2) how women must plan on spending much more on healthcare costs once […]

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