A Halloween Alternative

Much has been written about the revealing nature of women’s Halloween costumes. In fact, some would argue that there really is just one costume choice these days: “Sexy _____” (fill in the blank). Sexy Nurse, Sexy Cat, Sexy Pumpkin.

Here at Shattering the Ceiling, we would like to offer our readers an alternative to the skimpy.  But we can’t promise these costumes won’t get you excited… for next November, that is.

Hillary costume 1 Shattering the ceiling
Commencement Speaker Hillary

Hillary Costume 2 Shattering the Ceiling
Yearbook Photo Hillary

Hillary Costume 3 Shattering the Ceiling
Texting Hillary, Obviously.

Hillary Costume 4 Shattering the Ceiling
Told you I would find a use for these striped pants, Hillary.

Whatever your costume, we wish you a (fierce and) happy Halloween!

Shattering the Ceiling Staff

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