ICYMI: Shattering the Ceiling Oct 10-14

In case you missed it, a recap and links to what we published this week!

Is refusing to celebrate Columbus Day political correctness run amok?  And if it isn’t, what should we do instead of honoring Columbus?


How is it possible that almost every woman has stories of experiencing sexual assault but so many men, even those who identify as feminist allies, are surprised by the volume of stories being told under the #notokay / #notok hashtags.


Tuesday’s Post: Men and the #NotOK Stories


In part three of the series on discrimination lawsuits against Trump, what do the reports of Trump’s sexual assaults mean for him in the criminal context?

How is it possible that the pay divide between men and women in the legal profession is still 44%? Are women working that much less or less well?

Katherine Kimpel

Katherine Kimpel

Kate Kimpel is the Senior Editor of Shattering the Ceiling and is also an accomplished civil rights lawyer. She represents women and people of color in discrimination cases (and other kinds of employment and civil rights matters).  When not lawyering, she likely is bragging about her hound dog Ulysses, inventing cocktails to serve at her next dinner party, or convincing her husband to watch reruns of a Joss Whedon television show (any of them will do). 

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