ICYMI: Shattering the Ceiling, Week of Jan 1, 2017

We had a nice surprise to start off the New Year when we learned we had been included in the Top 20 Feminist Blogs! Without further ado

In case you missed it, a recap of Shattering the Ceiling this past week!

In the early days of any New Year, the process of making resolutions often means turning a critical eye towards our own bodies.  What’s a feminist to do to survive New Year’s resolutions and engage meaningfully with the discussions and process around resolutions?

Megyn Kelly is leaving Fox for NBC, even though reports suggest she’ll be making less money at NBC than she would have at Fox.  What do gender, hostility and retaliation have to do with it?  Did Fox fail to create a working environment that would keep Kelly — and were those failures unlawful?

Frederick Douglass was correct that “power concedes nothing without a demand.”  The Women’s March on Washington, scheduled for January 21, will be a powerful way to make heard our demand that women’s rights be recognized as human rights.  Learn more about why everyone should attend and how to make the necessary preparations.

Katherine Kimpel

Katherine Kimpel

Kate Kimpel is the Senior Editor of Shattering the Ceiling and is also an accomplished civil rights lawyer. She represents women and people of color in discrimination cases (and other kinds of employment and civil rights matters).  When not lawyering, she likely is bragging about her hound dog Ulysses, inventing cocktails to serve at her next dinner party, or convincing her husband to watch reruns of a Joss Whedon television show (any of them will do). 

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